Italian Network for Amyloidosis


The Project aims to create the Italian Network for Amyloidosis.

The project is developed for and with:
:: Centro per lo Studio e la Cura delle Amiloidosi Sistemiche ::
:: IRCCS - Policlinico San Matteo - Pavia - Italy ::

The developement plan comprehends:
•  the national portal with all information and contacts related to amyloidosis. The portal will provide features which will allow medical agents to update most of the provided information. It will also include a secure area where peripherals centres can send patient data to the main centre in order to have support and to concur to the national repository of amyloidosis.


•  the health care record management system of the "Centro per lo Studio e la Cura delle Amiloidosi Sistemiche". It will be process based and developed on a powerful semantic layer which will include ontologies, archetypes and templates as well official terminologies.
•  the automatic generation of customized data sets to foster statistical analysis.
•  the decision support system built on the health care record management system and based on the Guide technology.


  • HTML/Javascript
  • Java/Servlet/JSP
  • Struts
  • Sesame
  • PostgreSQL