Guiding patients anytime everywhere.


The over-arching objective of MobiGuide (MG) is to create a scalable, secure, ubiquitously

accessible, and user-friendly mobile solution for designing, deploying, and maintaining Patient

Guidance Systems based on clinical guidelines and personal health records, that provide personalized evidence-based clinical recommendations, increase the patients' satisfaction and compliance to evidence-based clinical guidelines, and reduce risk to patients and healthcare costs.

MG's ubiquity will be achieved by having a Decision Support System (DSS) at the back end, and on the front end by utilizing Body Area Network (BAN) technology and developing a coordinated light-weight DSS that can operate independently.



  • Enhancing the engagement of patients in care and disease prevention, improving health outcomes and patient satisfaction.


  • Providing semantic integration of patient health data into a PHR system that is ubiquitously and securely accessible by patients and their physicians and which includes an environment for their cooperation.


  • Interoperating with state-of-art wearable or portable, auto-adaptive, self-calibrating systems for health status monitoring and diagnosis that operate and acquire physiological data in non-clinically controlled environments.


  • Developing a distributed DSS based on tool-assisted knowledge acquisition and evolution of clinical guideline knowledge. The DSS will deliver recommendations that are specific to context and consider patient preferences for shared patient-provider decisions.


  • Providing intelligent data analysis for discovering clinical data patterns in individual patients and in patient populations, intelligent process-mining to assess compliance of healthcare processes to the CIG's (Clinical Integration Groups) recommendations and process learning techniques to suggest improvement in CIG-based care processes based on the process's outcome data.   



A decision analysis web application implemented with TreeAge Pro Interactive

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