BIOMERIS (BIOMEdical Research Informatics Solutions) is a company, accredited as an academic Spin-Off, founded in January 2012 by the members of the Laboratory of Biomedical Informatics "Mario Stefanelli" of the University of Pavia. 

As its name suggests, BIOMERIS provides solutions for the management, integration and analysis of biomedical data, addressing mainly the health-care institutes operating in the field of scientific research.

The technological innovations that took place in the last few years have deeply affected biomedical research, especially in the area related to the so called "-omics" disciplines, creating a gap between the amount of generated data and the ability to use them.

Our mission is to bridge this gap by offering solutions to ensure the optimization of business management, integration and data analysis to the research institutes operating in the biomedical field.

We primarily target those companies that make quality of biomedical research their key strategic goal. With our motto, "Let your data play", we invite researchers from these structures to let their data express their maximum potential.